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Year 4

A big HELLO to all our wonderful children and their families in Y4! We hope you are keeping well & staying safe 🌈😊💕 We miss all your lovely smiling faces and we look forward to seeing you all again very soon! Love from Mrs F 💕💕

Reach for the Stars!

A message from Y4 :)

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Welcome to Year 4 where: ‘Everyone will work together.’

Enquiry Based Learning in Year 4



Autumn Term Enquiry Based Learning 

Why is the West Midlands such a wonderful place to live? 

In this history driver, we will be exploring the history and geography curriculum through the local history of our very own West Midlands! As historians, we will progress our chronological knowledge by looking at the history of Halesowen. We will identify similarity and difference between the West Midlands and other locations around the world both historically and culturally (informed through a variety of sources contributing to our knowledge).


Through in-depth study, we will understand the achievements of some of the West Midlands most famous historical figures and how they have impacted our modern world. We will also extend our knowledge of health and fitness by looking at parts of the West Midlands where we can be physically active and eat healthily. 


Our geographical skills will also be revisited, progressed and utilised throughout this topic by studying the rivers local to the area and their features. 

Through revisiting and progressing our skills and learning, these golden nuggets of knowledge will be embedded in our long term memories!

Spring Term Enquiry Based Learning

What were the inventions and who were the inventors who changed the world?       

In this geography driver, we will be exploring the geography, science and history curriculum through inventions and inventors! As geographers, we will explore where in the world different inventions were created and their impact both in both their locality and worldwide. We will explore the way technology has enhanced our understanding of the geography of the continents, weather systems and how humans navigate the earth. 


We will look at famous historical inventors such as Leonardo Di Vinci, Alexander Graham-Bell and Thomas Edison and analyse the legacies they left behind. 


We will revisit and progress our geographical skills and fieldwork by using maps, compasses, atlases and digital computer mapping, to locate areas of importance, while drawing maps with symbols and keys to build our knowledge of the wider world!

Through revisiting and progressing our skills and learning, these golden nuggets of knowledge will be embedded into our long term memories!


Summer Term Enquiry Based Learning

Who invaded, raided and ruled Britain?


In this history driver, we will be journeying through the storied history of Great Britain. As historians, we will continue to develop a chronologically secure knowledge and understanding of British history, establishing a clear narrative of who ruled Great Britain and what impact they had on history. Revisiting chronological knowledge will help us to embed this knowledge in our long term memory through exploring connections, contrasts and trends over time.

Through an in depth study lasting the duration of the summer term, we will explore the Celts, Romans, Vikings, Normans, Tudors and Victorians. We will use a range of sources and research to inform our knowledge and will explore change and similarities between these varied historical cultures and our modern day culture.


As geographers, we will revisit our geographical skills of using maps and atlases to locate the  counties and cities of the United Kingdom that have been impacted particularly by the Vikings, Normans and Romans and will discuss the human and physical characteristics of these locations. Human geography, including: types of settlement and land use, economic activity, trade links, and the distribution of natural resources will be explored and how these factors influenced different groups to invade Britain.

Through revisiting and progressing our skills and learning, these golden nuggets of knowledge will be embedded into our long term memories!

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