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Year 3


A Message from Mrs Turner

Firstly to my little superstar children in Year 3

What an amazing year we have all had!

We've packed in so much over the year but it has simply flown!

Every single one of you have been amazing and I feel extremely privileged to have been a part of your lives for this past year.  You are my cheeky monkeys who have kept me going, laughing and smiling over the past few weeks especially!  

Now you're off to Year 4 remember to keep shining and always follow our Year 3 motto!

Go and share your kindness, smiles and fun with the world and have an amazing Summer Holiday! 


And now to all of the wonderful parents of these amazing children,

You are so fantastic and I thank-you from the bottom of my heart, for all of the words of kindness and support I have received, not only over the past few days but throughout the whole year.  I can certainly see where the children's enthusiasm and thoughtfulness come from.  

I'm not sure I can promise you a peaceful summer, but I certainly hope it will be filled with lots of fun for all of you.


Thank-you again and God Bless!

Love from Mrs Turner 



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