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Year 2

WOW!! What a wonderful start to the week. I want to put all of your minds at rest and tell you how fantastically ALL of the children have settled in today.  I am so proud of each and every one of them. They have come back with such resilience and confidence. I was so pleasantly surprised, and happy for them.  I wish you could have been here to see the buzz and excitement when all of the children saw each other this morning. They are absolutely beaming, and have had an excitable day to say the least. I am truly grateful for all of the hard work you have put in at home with them, and I am even more grateful that you have been able to send them back to me. 
 They are all such wonderful little human beings, and they are a credit to you.

We have a lot of work to do, and together I know we will have the most amazing spring and summer term. Roll on sunshine and warm days :)

They have earned a big rest tonight, I have a feeling your going to have some very tired eyes by tea time. I’ve told them early to bed so they have lots of energy tomorrow! 
I am over the moon, 

 Thank you again,


God bless,


Miss Marshall xxx

Welcome back to our wonderful year 2 children! :)

Teams instruction letter 2021

Evidencing home learning:

To enable me to assess how the children are getting on with their work at home, each week I will be asking you to upload evidence of 1 piece of maths, 1 piece of writing and the RE. 

I will let you know on virtual, which explicit lessons I will want to see evidence for. 


How to upload your evidence:

On teams, year 2, there is a tab at the top called 'files'.

You will see in the 'files' section, I have created a folder for each child. This is where you need to upload their work. I understand that scanning work etc may not not possible in most cases, therefore I ask if you can take a photo of the piece of work up close and upload the photo to their folder in files. That would be great.


Many thanks!