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Year 2

WELCOME TO YEAR 2! Please step aboard the Y2 Explorer and join our 'Year 2 explorers' as they travel through time and space in their learning journey of discovery!

Hello World! This term we are thinking BIG and attempting to make contact with every continent on the planet! If you are a visitor to our class page you are very welcome...come and see what we have been up to this year! 

We're sending our voices around the world! We wrote and recorded this song and have sent it to every continent on Earth. We hope it makes people smile when they hear it. If you like it please send us an email and let us know!

“nǐ hǎo” (hello) to the students at Sha Tin College Hong Kong, China....they heard our song and sent us these pictures! "xiè xie" (Thank you) so much!

'Year 2 Explorer to Tim you copy??' We have your space seeds and promise to look after them until you come back to Earth.

Hero projects: We made projects about our heroes and invited our families in to show them.

We used '2 animate' on Purple Mash to create animations of the Resurrection story.

Australia! Every week we are learning about a different continent. This week we created some aborigine art, played a 'didgeridoo', found facts on our ipads, threw a boomerang and sang 'Tie me kangaroo down'. It was bonza!

Cooking: Thank you Mrs Riley, Mrs Knipe and Miss Turner for showing us how to make delicious stuffed potatoes....mmmm!

Science: For our holiday project we researched habitats and presented our findings to the class.

Blue Peter and Radio 2 500 words: To improve our literacy skills we wrote letters to Blue Peter and have all entered BBC Radio 2's 500 words competition -wish us luck!

Holy Week: We prepared for Holy Week by recreating the Last Supper!

We visited ASDA to learn about how a supermarket works....and they let us make pizza!!!

Basketball fun in P.E!

Well done to our girls for their stunning Irish dancing display to celebrate St Patrick's Day.

World Book Day 2016

We were the first class to try out the new P.E apparatus in the's amazing!

Keeping healthy. In Science and P.E we have been learning how what we eat and how much we exercise affects our health. We also made a bottle of coke explode!

R.E This term we learnt about the Old Testament. We acted out the stories of Noah, Jonah,David and Goliath and Abraham and Isaac.

Maths Makes Sense -This term we have been learning how to tell the time, identifying symmetry and using the commutative law!

Life in Year 2: We have two golden rules 1) ALWAYS try your best. 2) Respect EVERYONE. This helps us to bring out the best in us for the benefit of all in the spirit of Christ.

Welcome to Year Two!