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Year 1

♦ Welcome to Year 1's Class Page ♦

♦ Literacy ♦

We have been learning some Sign Language! Here we are learning to fingerspell our names.

We enjoy practising our letter names and sounds. We even put them together to make our own ALIEN words!

We have been working really hard on our letter formation and our joined up writing.

♦ Maths Makes Sense ♦

In year 1 we are learning about 1/2 and 1/4

We have been learning more about telling the time, focusing on o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to.

Even in our free time we are learning. We play lots of Maths related games and activities.

♦ Science ♦

In Science we have been learning about plants and trees. Here we are carrying out an experiment to see if we can get a flower to grow even without either water, soil or sunlight. I wonder if it will work?

Miss Alsop's pet tortoise, Norman, came to visit us as we learned more about reptiles.

We went to explore the Phiz Lab!

♦ RE ♦

This term we are thinking about being compassionate and loving.

We have been thinking about the love we receive from our families. Here we are role-playing some typical happy and sad moments experienced in the family, and how we could deal with them.

Children in Year 1 have been taking it in turns to lead our reflective services.

We enjoy reading Bibles stories.

Multi-Cultural Week! This week Year 1 have been learning more about Buddhism. We visited Birmingham Buddhist Centre where we heard stories about the Buddha, learnt more about his teachings and even joined in with some meditation and chanting. Have a look!

♦ Topic ♦

This term we are learning all about the farm!

Mr Charles the farmer bought a very special visitor to school!

♦ PE ♦

This term we are practicing athletics for Sports Day, learning more about football and doing yoga! Busy busy!

♦ Forest School ♦
♦ Music ♦

Year 1's Infant Music Festival!

♦ Golden Time ♦

We love Golden Time activities!