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Week Beginning 11.01.21




Choose a phonics sheet to complete, read the words and match the pictures.

Moon Rocks game

Moon Rocks Game

You will need:

Tin foil rolled into 5 balls

A box / basket

Numbers 0-5 (you can write these yourself)

+, - and = sign (you can write these yourself)


  1. Choose how many balls you will throw into the box / basket.
  2. Use your number cards to put this number first in the number sentence.
  3. Count the rest of the balls you have left (this is the next number for the number sentence.)
  4. Put your + or – sign in.
  5. Throw the rest of the balls in to get your answer.
  6. Use your = sign and add the answer on to the end.

Create your own planets to go onto this background.

For our maths lesson today please can you all bring your five frames and counters with you. You can print the one on our class page, the counters are on there for you to use too this can be found on Tuesdays lesson or draw your own and bring your own set of up to 10 objects whether it be counters, buttons, marbles etc.Thanks in advance, Miss Beasley.

Scavenger hunt around your home, can you help red dog and yellow monster?


Colour in an alien or try following the lines on the pencil control sheets

Use these cards (or make your own) ask someone to hide them around the house, see if you can find them and work out how many more you need to get to 5.