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Week Beginning 08.02.21

Whatever Next! read by Mrs Ray


Match the captions at the bottom to the correct picture

Whatever Next Rocket

Can you build a rocket big enough for you to sit in like baby bear does in the story? Don't forget to share your rockets with us on teams smiley

Tuesday - Internet Safety Day! 

Space Suitcase

Like baby bear in the story found his space clothing, can you dress up in your own spacesuits? Don't forget to pack all the things you might need in your suitcase or bag too! You can share your pictures on teams.


No Phonics today!
Instead please make a Healthy Moon Snack 

Can you make a healthy moon snack or lunch to take to the moon with you, you could even have a picnic with your teddy bears.


In a rocket soundtrack

Sing along to our in a rocket song, the words are listed in another file for you to sing along.

Miss Beasley's group activity



Can you remember the days of the week in order? Listen to this story and see if you can guess which day of the week comes next! 

Mr Wolf's Weekend, by Colin Hawkins - YouTube


How many 'minutes peace' did Mrs Large want? Find out in the story! 

Five Minutes' Peace (1986) by Jill Murphy | PICTURE BOOKS OUR KIDS LOVED (READ BY OUR KIDS) - YouTube