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You can also use today to work on your research for this week’s EBL question which is attached below. Research due Tuesday 10th November 2020:

To Year 4 & Parents,


We are going to be having a go at using Microsoft Teams to do our home learning- this is a great way for you to be able to access learning at home & for the children to interact with staff & their classmates if they have questions or anything they need to discuss.


Please have a go at logging on at home & type me a message if you are successful so that I can see who has managed to log on. Please don't worry if you can't get on it. You can access all of the home learning here on the website & we will sort out any problems when we are back in school.


1. Click on the RM Unify login 

2. Put in your username (full email address) and password (Same as your school password in Computing lessons)

3. You will come to your RM Unify Launch Pad

4. Click the 'add' button to add a tile - find the Teams tile by typing it in the 'search' box

5. Once it's added, click on it. You may need to add your username again the first time.

6. Hopefully now you are in teams and can see the Year 4 Team. All of the home learning will also be uploaded here. 

7.  Well done for having a go! Don’t forget to drop me a message to let me know you have been successful in logging in.