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Week 9 Day 2

Wake Up and Shake Up (Live)


Join us on Teams at 9:15am for fun and exercise to get ourselves ready for the day!

Maths - (Live)

Can I understand pictograms?

Still image for this video


Today's lesson isn't live.

I have uploaded a version of the story that you can watch. Or you can read the abridged version in the notes section on the ppt. We are focusing on the picture from the front cover - how are Tranio and Livia feeling before the explosion? Write a paragraph as if you are one of them, retelling your thoughts and emotions. There is an example on the ppt. 

You can write it in your book or on the sheet provided. 

Escape From Pompeii - Christina Balit

Read aloud book, Escape From Pompeii by Christina Balit, read by Paul Wirth

P.E - (Live)

Join us on Teams at 1:00pm for street dance with Ms Shepherd.

R.E. - (Live)

Can I explore the importance of Lent for Christians?

We are thinking about the importance of Lent. It begins with Ash Wednesday when we get ashes on our foreheads. We are thinking about what this all means? Why do we have to make Lenten Promises?


In your exercise book, copy the sentences and fill in the missing words. We have written a class acrostic poem together. Your challenge is to write your own acrostic poem - you can use the word 'CHANGE' or 'LENT.'


Write a Lenten Promise (see Lenten Promise Cross on the sheet).

It can be something you will give up during Lent or it can be a promise to pray each day. 

What could you do to 'give' to those in need?