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We Will Go Out - Dan Callow Retreat

We had a fantastic Day with Dan Callow and Emily when we had our retreat. 

It was called 'We Will Go Out' and we though about how we can be followers of Jesus, just like Saint Mother Teresa.

We started the day together in the hall thinking about the disciples of Jesus. 


Archbishop Bernard phoned while we were together and Facetimed Dan and us in our school hall!


He gave us a special mission to think about how we can walk in the footsteps of those who spread the Good News.

Back in our class we had some activities to do! 


We made a passport showing how we can follow in the footsteps of Jesus. 


We drew around our own foot, coloured it in and then cut it out.


We stuck it on a passport sheet ready to go into our class Disciple Book.

Dan and Emily came into our classroom to teach us some special songs ready for the Liturgy in the afternoon.


They said that we were the best singers in the school!

We designed a decorated our own cross with people who we would like to follow.


We brought these home at the end of the day to share with our family and put somewhere special in our house.


Where have you put yours?

At the end of the day the whole school came together to share everything that we had learnt together.


We sang some of the new songs and shared the work we had been doing in our classroom with the rest of the school. a super day we all had!


We can't wait for Dan to come back before our First Holy Communion to do our special Year 3 Sacramental Retreat.