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WC 18.10.21

This week is a very special week in school, it is our Catholic Social teaching week all about Stewardship of God's creation! All of our tasks this week will be based around this important theme.

Monday- Maths

Monday- Literacy

Head boy and head girl speeches! Please join the teams meeting at 11am if you would like to read your letter.

Monday- RSHE

Tuesday- Literacy

Tuesday- EBL

Wednesday- Maths

Wednesday- Literacy


Thursday- Maths. Have a go at the TT Rockstars baseline again to see if you can beat your score! Then challenge each other to a battle!

Thursday- Literacy

Can you create a debate agruing for or against buying food from other countries? Use research to support your argument. You many want to thing about the impact on the environment, economy and the availability/ variety of foods we are able to grow in the UK.