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Virtual Leavers Assembly

Hi Year 6!!


I hope you are all okay and are safe.


As we don't know when we will be back at school yet, I thought it would be a lovely idea to make a virtual leavers assembly/ presentation!


I would like you to record yourself on video talking about you best/ funniest/ most favourite memory of your time at OLSK, or just any memory that makes you smile and you would like to share.

Send me and any pictures you have, dress up, make it as fun and as silly as you like!


Please send the videos and pictures to my school email:


Try and send them to me by FRIDAY 8th MAY and then I will put together a video and publish it on our school website.


Missing you! Hopefully we will be back at school for a real leavers assembly with our school family.


Miss Meese x



Stuck for ideas? Try these!

- Record yourself talking about your funniest memory from OLSK

- Dress up and pretend to be one of the teachers

-Record a poem or song about your time at OLSK

-Take a photograph of a piece of art work inspired by your time at OLSK (or work you have done at school)

-Send old photographs of yourself and your friends

-Make puppets/ characters and create a scene representing a memory from OLSK