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Skills & Useful Websites

On this page you will find a list of on-going skills that the children can practise throughout the year and should aim to be secure in by the end of Year 1. With each skill will be a resource or website link to the support the children. 

Hit The Button

This is a brilliant website for children to practise basic mathematical skills against the clock! Children in Year 1 will benefit from practising the following skills: 

- Number bonds - Up to 10 (Make 10, Addition Within 10, Missing Numbers (+ and -)

- Number bonds - Up to 20 (Make 20, Addition Within 20, Subtraction within 20, U+U+U)

- Doubles - to 10, from 5-15, from 10-20. 

- Halves - to 10, from 5-15, from 10-20. 

- Times Tables - Hit The Answer x2, x5, x10.



Common Exception Words