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Today's lesson isn't live. Watch the video or use the Teaching PowerPoint below.

Can I interpret Bar Charts?

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Literacy (Live)

There is no writing in today's lesson. We will be developing our story-telling skills using the story map. The map is on the PPT and also on a separate document. You dont need to print it off (unless you want to). You just need to be able to see it to support your oral story telling. 

Science (Live Plenary)


We will be carrying out a fair test investigation this week to explore the permeability of soil.

At home:

If you can, please have a go at the experiment.

Follow the PPT below to see what to do - the video also gives you instructions. The most important thing to focus on is making it a fair test. Fill in or write up the activity sheet as you are going along, with your prediction, what you did etc...

If you are struggling to find the resources, watch the video below. Pause the video and fill in the sheet first with your prediction, before you watch the results.


We will meet together at 2.30pm to share our experiment from school and look at our conclusion. If you have done your experiment at home, this is a chance for you to talk about how it went and what you found out. 

Soil Experiment | Rocks | KS2 Science

An experiment to investigate how well different types of soil drain water. For more content, subscribe to our channel which includes more videos on Mathemati...