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Join our Teams Meeting Live Maths Lesson - Go to Year 3 Team, then click on the calendar and click 'join meeting.'


If you cannot join us at this time, don't worry you can use the White Rose video instead. 


Can I use known facts to work out other calculations?

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ANSWERS - These will be posted here at the end of each school day or the beginning of the next school day.



Spellings -

1. Pick the first five words today and the second 5 for tomorrow. Practise writing them on paper or in your exercise book if it's arrived. (There is no expectation to print it out).


2. Choose one of the words, create a sentence and then classify it.

Read The Epiphany Comprehension and answer the questions in your exercise book or on a piece of paper. ( A copy of the comprehension is in your pack in it has arrived. If not, click on the one below)



In this lesson we will focus on the visit of the 3 Magi to baby Jesus. We think about how these men represented the diversity of mankind. The word Epiphany means to make known or to reveal. This was the role of the Magi - to reveal Jesus to the world, as 'God made flesh.' The gifts are also significant and have special meanings associated them.


The children will watch a short YouTube video clip about the gifts.


YouTube Video Clip Link



1) Label each of the 3 gifts and write out about their meanings. What special role did the Magi have?

2) Crack the secret code to retell the story of the journey of the Magi.