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Thursday 14th January

Independent Maths Task

Today we are learning how to subtract numbers up to 20 using a number line. Watch the video or use the powerpoint below and then have a go at answering the questions on the sheet. If you find this easy, have a go at the challenge sheet by working out the missing numbers. Think about where you should start on the number line and how many jumps are needed to reach the answer. 

Subtraction using a number line

Still image for this video

Independent Phonics Task

Today's sound is 'OO look at a book'. 

Task 1 - Have a go at reading each word containing today's sound. 

Task 2 - Complete the worksheet attached by reading the short story and highlighting/circling all of the words containing the short OO sound. If you find this tricky, an adult can read to you and you can should OO when they say a word containing the OO sound.  

Task 3 - Write some sentences using words that contain the OO sound. Don't forget to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces in your sentences. 


If you were unable to access the virtual lesson, take a look at the video below before completing the tasks. 

Phonics: OO Sound/Words (Digraph)

Welcome to Abi's phonics! This phonics video teaches the phonics sound digraph oo where children can join in and practise their phonics sounds. oo sound word...

Enquiry Based Learning


In today's lesson we will be discussing the question 'What was a day at school like for your grandparents', so if you've done it, remember to have your holiday research with you ready to share your findings with the rest of the class. 


Your independent task today will be to complete the worksheet below, cutting and sorting the pictures correctly into 'then' and 'now'. 


Your second task is to complete your next research question ready for next week, which is:

What is a rotary dial phone and how does it work?