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Read chapter 3 of King Kafu and the Moon.


Answer these questions on the sheet in your exercise book.

  • What do you think the villagers know about the moon?
  • Why do the villagers want to capture the moon?
  • How do you think the king will react when the boy tells him that the moon has gone?

Literacy - (Live)

Computing - 2Coding     *CHANGE TO TIMETABLE*


Today's lesson is about making the vehicles move at different speeds. 


The challenge is to control the vehicles and make them collide and make a sound on collision.

EBL - (Live)


What happened to the ancient city of Pompeii?


Click the link to watch this video clip:


What happened when Vesuvius erupted in 79AD? | History - Pompeii - YouTube

Independent Task:


1) Write a factual recount of what happened to the Roman city of Pompeii.


Use Mrs Sweeney's WAGOLL to support your writing and the Success Criteria Chart. Give you work a title or write the question above. You can do your writing straight into your exercise book or on the 'Roman Mosaic' border sheet provided. 


REMEMBER - you can 'magpie' one or two of my sentences BUT try to write your own as well.


2) True or False Quiz sheet.