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Our Summer Enquiry Based Learning Question

Why do people choose to go to Mediterranean countries for their holidays? 


Task 1

Where is the Mediterranean Region? What countries are in the Mediterranean?  

Use the map below. Can you name all the countries that have a coastline on the Mediterranean Sea? How many are there?



Print off map worksheet and label the countries.


Task 2

Why do Mediterranean countries have a warmer climate than we do? 


Use the link

What are summers like in Mediterranean countries? What are the winters like?  

Create an information booklet about the climate, including temperatures, graphs and the positive and negative impacts of this climate. You could do this on Purple Mash. I will put it on as 2do option. 



Task 3

What are the advantages/disadvantages of living on the Amalfi Coast in Italy?

The video below will give you an introduction to the Amalfi Coast. As it’s a travel video, it gives all the positives of the Amalfi. What do you think the disadvantages of living in this area might be? Consider the physical geography of the area. 

There's a postcard 2do activity on Purple Mash.

Amalfi Coast Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

The Amalfi Coast - a destination of legendary proportions. Indulge in the romance of the region with our footage of the coastline, and start planning a journ...

Task 4


Which fruits and vegetables are produced in the Mediterranean? What are some of the typical dishes made in the Mediterranean?


Use the ppt below to find out a bit more...

You could do a bit of cooking for this task. A delicious and healthy Greek Salad maybe?

Or you could have a go at tasting a few Mediterranean fruit and veg.


On Purple Mash there is a 2do where you can write instructions for your Mediterranean recipe.

Task 5

How would you go about attracting someone to visit a Mediterranean Country?


Choose one of these fabulous cities and do your research

Santorini (Greece), Monaco (France), Venice (Italy), Dubrovnik (Croatia)


Then write a persuasive letter or holiday brochure to attract people to your chosen city. I'll put one in the 2do's on Purple Mash.


TIP: Do you remember when we did our travel brochure to attract people to the Ancient wonders of Egypt? We used persuasive language, rhetorical questions, superlatives, catchy slogans and subheadings.

Task 6

Who was Picasso? Who are other famous artists from the Mediterranean and what can we learn from them?  


Have a go at researching the life and works of a famous artist from the Mediterranean. Some of you have already done Picasso on PM 2dos. Who else could you find out about? 

Task 7

Which Mediterranean countries can we associate with different types of music?  



You could find out Flamenco in Spain. Or maybe find out the name of the traditional music that you heard on your holiday in Greece/Spain/Italy.

Create a poster about the different styles of music. Maybe you could draw and label some pictures of traditional instruments.



Try this climate and weather activity on BBC bitesize




Develop your understanding of Longitude and Latitude here