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Summer Term Research Topic

Where Does Our Food Come From?


In this Geography driver, we will be exploring the Geography curriculum by researching how our food gets from the farm to the shops we buy it from. We will progress our geographical knowledge by finding out which parts of the world different fruit and vegetables come from and use our map reading skills to find these countries on a world map. We will also be applying our knowledge of maps and position and direction to create our own farm maps, after researching common farm buildings. 


Through this topic we will also be extending our science knowledge by learning about which food are provided by animals, including pork, beef, eggs, chicken and dairy products. We will consider how seasonal changes affect farming and the production of both crops and meat, and learning about the basic structure of cow and how it produces the milk we buy from the supermarkets. We will also explore the History curriculum by discovering what equipment is used on a farm now, and how these equipment has changed and developed over time. 


Through revisiting and progressing our skills and learning, these golden nuggets of knowledge will be embedded in our long term memories!

Where Does Milk Come From?

Watch the video below all about where milk comes from and how it gets from the farm to the shops. When you've watched the video, can you write all about what happens in your own words? You can draw pictures to go with each step of the process. 


The Life Cycle of a Chicken

Watch the video below all about the life cycle of a chicken. Can you complete pages 2 and 3 of the worksheet below? Make sure you read the information carefully to match each picture. 

Harvesting Fruit and Vegetables

Have a look at some of the fruit and vegetables in your house that have been bought from the supermarket. Can you have a look on the label and see where your food comes from? You could write your answers in a list. I wonder if you can find some fruit or vegetables grown in Kent like in the video below? Watch the video to learn all growing and picking orchard fruit. Can you have a go at drawing some fruit that grows on trees, on bushes and on plants close to the ground?

Where Does Chocolate Come From?

Mothers and Their Young

How many animals can you think of that live on a farm? Can you write them in a list? When you've done this, have a think about what their babies are called. See how many you know! If you want, complete the worksheet by cutting out the baby animal pictures and sticking them in the correct box next to their mother. 

How Is Honey Made?

Watch the video below to learn all about different types of bee and how they make honey. Can you write down some facts that you learnt from the video? Use the BEE writing frame below and draw a picture above. 



Farmyard Stories

Have a listen to the video stories below. Can you join in with the stories? Are there any words that you don't understand? Make sure you ask an adult what they mean. 


Farmer Duck -

Farmyard Hullabaloo -

What Food Do We Get From Animals?

Have a look at the pictures of all the yummy food on the document below. Can you sort the food pictures and decide whether they come from Animals, Plants or Both?

We are in planting season! An afternoon of planting can be fun for everyone, very rewarding when they start to grow and full of educational benefits. Take a look at some of the ideas below.