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Summer learning journey

Dear parents and guardians,

Thank you so much for such a wonderful year. I have been overwhelmed with the support, gratitude and delightful reception I have had from you this year. You have truly touched me with your generosity, kind words and thoughtfulness and I am so proud to have taught your wonderful children this year.

The class have developed so well this year, they are now mature, sensible and considerate children ready to take on the challenges of Year 3. You should be so proud of all they have achieved and the effort they have put in this year! None of this could have been possible without the support and dedication of yourselves, helping with their reading, homework and supporting our drive to succeed in our classroom.

I could not have survived this year without the incredible support of my TAs, Miss Turner and Mrs. Bradley who have strived to help your children succeed in all areas of their learning. Again, thank you because you have truly helped me this year and have touched me with your kindness through gifts, letters and words. I will never forget your children and our fabulous journey this year, keep up the good work next year.

Lots of love and hugs,

Mr. Nash x



Mr. Nash's first day at school

09.05.19- As we enter the month of May, the children have written prayers to Our Lady Mary.

Wow! What an incredible start to our Summer term with your amazing creations for our topic! You have made some amazing houses for the Great Fire of London, incredible posters and fabulous 3D models!