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Spring Enquiry Topic

Summer Enquiry Based Learning Question

What lives under the sea?



Through this enquiry question, we will be geographers using world maps, atlases and globes and compass directions to find oceans and seas around the world.  We will investigate environmental issues such as plastic pollution and rising sea levels. We will looks at countries around the world that rely on the seas for their way of life as well as mythical places such as the lost city of Atlantis.


As historians we will be investigating the lives of the significant aspects of sea life during that has changed in different periods and how this contrasts with fishing culture. We will investigate the role of the Royal Navy in protecting our waters including historical figures such as Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson, HMS Victory and the events of the battle of Trafalgar.


Can you locate and name the oceans and seas on a world map?

Go onto Purple Mash and complete the 2dos about the oceans of the world.

Print off the blank map below and label the oceans and seas of the world.

How many can you name and label? What islands can you find in them?


How have seas and oceans developed and changed?

Our world is constantly changing. Were the oceans and seas always they way that they are today? 

Find out what the world looked like when the dinosaurs were alive.

What countries were joined together?


Draw your own map about how the world might have looked millions of years ago. 


What do you think our world map will look like in another million years? Draw a and label map of the future!


What living things are found under the sea?

Choose one of the major ocean habitats. What plants and animals are found there?  Use an empty shoe box and create the habitat inside.




Why are the sea levels rising?

Sea levels are getting high but why?  What does it matter if they do get higher?  

Make an information leaflet out about sea levels and how they are rising.  Explain to people how these rising sea levels will affect where we live in England.



What is plastic pollution?

Find out about plastic pollution and how it is damaging our environment. Read the book called 'Is plastic fantastic?' and then complete the activity booklet. 

You could even write a letter to your local supermarket explaining why they shouldn't stock products with plastic packaging.

All the Way to the Ocean


How can we be safe in the water?

Water is so much fun but you have to keep safe at all times.  Work through the activities and find out about how you can have fun but stay safe around different types of water including canals and the sea.

Water Hero music

Learn the words and then sing along!

Task 7

Click on the link below and find out about all of the creatures that have been identified under the sea. There is so much of the ocean that we don’t know about, in fact we know more about the moon than the ocean! 

Use your imagination and design some new creatures that may be found under the sea. Don’t forget to label them and give them names.


Upload your pictures on Purple Mash or use the drawing tool to do your work. Have fun and be creative!