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Worcestershire Cricket Skills Blast!

Summer praise service with Dan and Emily!

WW2 Street Party!

Catching up with Aidan!

Art day- observational drawing of leaves

Comparing our baby photos to see how we’ve changed!

Race for Life!

DT Week- Designing our phone cases!

DT Week- Market Research!

Hot seating St Stephen!

WW2 Poetry!

Forest School Fun!

Magic science workshop!

Practicing throwing and catching in rounders!

Sampling some traditional Indian foods

Our final recording for the Hagley Pyramid Concert!

Drawing angles accurately!

One life music Pentecost service!

Learning how to throw a discus!

Creating leaflets to inform people about the different parts of a computer!

Retelling the story of Pentecost!

Practicing netball passes!

Practicing the long jump!

Learning about the parts that make up a computer!

A virtual workshop with the illustrator of Horrible Histories!

Our final Hagley Pyramid Concert practice!

Plotting the countries involved in WW2 on a map!

Practicing relay races!

Sequencing the events of WW2 on a timeline!

Practicing the high jump!

Designing Paschal Candles!

Filming for the Hagley Pyramid Concert!

Investigating ‘op art’!

Practicing sprinting!

Creating word clouds about St Joseph

Vocations Week- We had a visit from Deacon Owen and asked him lots of questions about vocations!

Practicing our throwing techniques!