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Spring Learning Journey

Today in Art we learnt about Andy Goldsworthy and Land Art sculptures.

In Active Maths today we were practising recalling doubles to twenty and using practical equipment to represent them visually.

We had great fun today dressing up for World Book Day and reading the story ‘The Tunnel’ by Anthony Browne. We made our own tunnel and produced some fantastic setting descriptions of the tunnel.

We enjoyed sharing our amazing work with our parents and grandparents this afternoon. It was lovely to have so many parents join us - you must all be so proud of your children! 💕

Let’s get writing! Mrs Knipe asked us to give her instructions to make a jam sandwich and it was very important that we made them clear and detailed so that she didn't do it wrong. We learnt how to include imperative verbs and adverbs to make our instructions detailed, ready to write them up next week.

In Active Maths today we practiced organising objects into groups and rows in order to find the answer to ‘multiplication’ questions...

Today we became ‘Trainee Botanists’ and used our scientific skills to investigate plants. We learnt about the different stages of growth for a bean plant and then planted our own! 🌱🌳🍃

Today we used 2CreateAStory on a Purple Mash to create a story board for one of our favourite parables of Jesus.

We had a great afternoon with our Grandparents who came in to teach us all about how things have changed since they were young. We have learnt so much!

We used the computers to type up questions to ask our Grandparents about life when they were young 💻

Having fun in Active Maths today learning to count and understand numbers up to 100...

We are superheroes!!

We’ve been learning how to compare numbers to 100 using the greater than and less than symbols... < >

Our first dance lesson with Donna was great fun! We worked really hard and were brilliant at remembering the dance moves!

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Art Day

We had a great day, learning about how Monet painted. We have painted our memory boxes, learnt to observe, create a collage and a digital piece too.