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Our beautiful Stations of the Cross in the Forest School.

Batting skills in the sunshine.

We made Rainbow Fruit Skewers today as part of our ‘Screen Free’ activities.

We used M&Ms to do some Science too! We talked about why we get Rainbows in the sky when it rains and the sun shines. We found that the rays of light from the sun are split up (by the rain drops) into the individual colours which together make ‘white’ light.

We also did a rainbow investigation with the M&Ms. Have a look at what happened when we added warm water to the plate of sweets.

Today was ‘Screen Free’ Friday and we did maths with M&M sweets. We sorted them into their colours and counted them and used tally’s to present the information. We then created bar charts.

Today we had a wonderful day celebrating World Book Day in school. We dressed as book characters and spent time reading our favourite books! We also showed off our Mothers Day Cards!

Cricket skills- throwing and catching games, learning to bowl and balancing games with the bat.

Science investigation- which soil type is the most permeable?

We have been building structures which can withstand an earthquake. We tested a building made with wooden blocks and then a building made with Lego. We put them on a tray and shook then from side to side. The Lego house was much better than the wooden block house!
We used acrylic paints and tissue paper and glitter to create an erupting volcano pictures.
We went on a ‘rock hunt’ today during forest school. We tried hard to find stones and rocks that were different shapes and colours.
Year 3 love to play board games on a ‘Screen Free’ Friday afternoon.
We made ‘chatterboxes’ in Mental Health Week to help us become more resilient.

Year 3 are practising division by sharing equally between groups.

We made a volcano erupt together as our ‘Brilliant Beginning’ to our new EBL topic - ‘What makes the Earth angry?’


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