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What were the inventions and who were the inventors who changed the world?       


In this geography driver, we will be exploring the geography, science and history curriculum through inventions and inventors! As geographers, we will explore where in the world different inventions were created and their impact both in both their locality and worldwide. We will explore the way technology has enhanced our understanding of the geography of the continents, weather systems and how humans navigate the earth. 


We will look at famous historical inventors such as Leonardo Di Vinci, Alexander Graham-Bell and Thomas Edison and analyse the legacies they left behind. 


We will revisit and progress our geographical skills and fieldwork by using maps, compasses, atlases and digital computer mapping, to locate areas of importance, while drawing maps with symbols and keys to build our knowledge of the wider world!

Through revisiting and progressing our skills and learning, these golden nuggets of knowledge will be embedded into our long term memories!