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Spring 1 - Memory Box

13.2.19 - Today we made scones using Matilda's grandma's recipe... It was very messy, but they smelt delicious!

Today we had great fun playing with some with old games from the past! Mrs Knipe brought in some games and toys that she used to play with when she was younger. We talked about how these toys are different from the toys we play with today and we had a lot of fun learning about how they work.

We started our topic off by looking at the photos everyone brought in from when they were a baby... Including Miss Harris and Mrs Knipe! We tried to guess who was who. It was a lot of fun!

Our topic this term is 'Memory Box'. This is such an exciting topic where children will get the chance to share their special memories with the class through a memory box which we would like all children to create. 


Homework project: Using an A5 envelope which will be sent home with your child on Tuesday, gather together some items that remind you of special times or events that have happened in your life. These could be photos, special gifts you have received, tickets, medals or anything else that reminds you of something special (and will fit into the envelope). These special memory envelopes will form part of our topic display in the classroom and all children will get a chance to share their special memories with the rest of the class. 


NB - Please ensure there is a photograph of your child from when they were a baby attached to the front of the envelope, and that the envelope is returned to school by Thursday 10th January. We will start our topic by trying to guess who is who from the baby photos on each envelope! Don't worry if you haven't had enough time to find many items by next Thursday - these can be send in throughout our topic and added to your child's memory envelope.