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Reminders of St Kenelm

  • Over the place where they found his body, a  small chapel was built, the Church of St. Kenelm at Romsley in the Clent Hills. The Well is diverted to the side.


  • At Upton Snodsbury, there is a local legend that the body rested in the church for one night, hence its later dedication to St Kenelm. 


  • The Avon crossing at Pyriford is generally agreed to be between the villages of Fladbury and Croppington, where the modern Jubilee bridge is located.  


  • The site of the spring above Winchcombe is marked by a small shrine, with an image of the saint above the door. 


  • The Minster at Winchcombe, which became  an Abbey in the Tenth Century, has now completely disappeared, but in the nineteenth century a few workmen engaged in excavating the foundations of the ruined monastery discovered a small stone coffin, beside a larger, which lay immediately under the great eastern window of the church. They raised the lid and found within a little dust, a few fragments of the more solid bones, a half-grown human skull, and  a long-bladed knife, converted into a brittle oxide, which fell in pieces in the attempt to remove it. These two stone coffins, believed to be those of Kenwulph and Kenelm are now to be found in the parish church of St Peter.