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First Step:

The children will start coming home with a book from our class library to share with their family at home. They can be encouraged to look through the book on their own and listen to a family member tell them the story and discuss it together.

The main purposes are to ignite the children's interest in books and stories to become life-long readers; to support families to share books together at home; to introduce the system of choosing their own book; to get families used to using the reading record book.


Second step:

As the children become more confident picking their own class library book, sharing them with their family and changing them regularly, they will move on to the book banded books. We strive to make sure that your child is on the appropriate book band for their reading ability and needs. Please have a look at the book band document for ideas on how to support your child on their book band. When reading with your child at home, please note down what pages have been read and any comments you feel we need to know.