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R.E and collective worship

I've added a few hymns that we enjoy listening to in Year 3.


Take some time out to listen and/or sing.

Give yourself some time for peace and reflection.

Open your heart to God and remember that he loves you and is always with you.

Look to Jesus for guidance and grace.

My Hands Are Yours

This song from Dan Callow and Emily Clark has been written with a focus on Discipleship and Mission

Sometimes Lord - Dan Callow & Emily Clark

Being encouraged and nurtured to become forgiving and merciful is essential if we are to grasp even a glimpse of just how forgiving and merciful God is.

The King of Glory

The King of Glory is such a majestic title for Jesus. His strength and power is shown through his love and mercy for his people.


Our first Weekly Worship & Song is tomorrow Friday 3rd October.

Dan and Emily from One Life Music have kindly prepared a time of prayer for us to share whether we are at home or at school. 

Follow the link to join in: