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Our Advent Displays

Today we visited church to prepare for our Mass of Commitment and our up-coming Sacrament of Reconciliation. Father Bruce showed us the confessional. We will each do our First Confession during the Season of Advent.

Today, we took part in a special day of prayer at OLSK. We celebrated John Henry Newman becoming a saint. We learned more about his life and work and we wrote prayers to him, asking him to help us to serve God and to show us how we can be a ‘force for good’ each day. We also said the Rosary to honour Mary - thinking especially about ‘The Joyful Mysteries.’

We joined with other Catholic schools from across the West-Midlands to listen to Archbishop Bernard speak about Blessed John Henry Newman, who is going to be made a saint this weekend. We also prayed the rosary together.

We began our Reconciliation topic by thinking about the choices we make everyday.