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RE- 25.02.21

Today we are going to be writing a recipe for a successful Lent. Read through the PowerPoint which contains a scripture reading of what Jesus taught us about Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving. Reflect on the scripture by thinking about your responses to the questions and then write your own recipe for Lent. Please use your neatest handwriting and present them as beautifully as possible as I would like to add some of these to our Classroom Lent display.

I would also like you to write your own promise for Lent on the footprint below. Your promise for Lent might be related to prayer, fasting or almsgiving.


Begin your sentence with 'My Promise for Lent is......'


Afterwards, use a purple pencil crayon to very lightly shade your footprint in. Don't press too hard otherwise we won't see the writing.


These footprints are also for our display so do your very best smiley