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Lesson 1


Read through St Francis of Assisi's Canticle of Creation. It is a prayer to God to thank him for all the things he has created:


O Most High, all-powerful, good Lord God,
to you belong praise, glory,
honour and all blessing.
Be praised, my Lord, for all your creation
and especially for our Brother Sun,
who brings us the day and the light;
he is strong and shines magnificently.
O Lord, we think of you when we look at him.
Be praised, my Lord, for Sister Moon,
and for the stars
which you have set shining and lovely
in the heavens.
Be praised, my Lord,
for our Brothers Wind and Air
and every kind of weather
by which you, Lord,
uphold life in all your creatures.
Be praised, my Lord, for Sister Water,
who is very useful to us,
and humble and precious and pure.
Be praised, my Lord, for Brother Fire,
through whom you give us light in the darkness:
he is bright and lively and strong.
Be praised, my Lord,
for Sister Earth, our Mother,
who nourishes us and sustains us,
bringing forth
fruits and vegetables of many kinds
and flowers of many colours.
Be praised, my Lord,
for those who forgive for love of you;
and for those
who bear sickness and weakness
in peace and patience
- you will grant them a crown.
Be praised, my Lord, for our Sister Death,
whom we must all face.
I praise and bless you, Lord,
and I give thanks to you,
and I will serve you in all humility.


Have a go at writing your own in the booklet below. You can colour it in to decorate it!

Lesson 2


Jesus taught the disciples to use their talents- he told them to be salt and light in the world.


Research what Jesus meant when he said that- what jobs does salt have that we can be like?


Produce a poster or powerpoint to show off your talents and how you can use them for good in the world.


You may want to write a prayer to thank God for the gifts he has given you!

Lesson 3-


Read Matthew 5:1-12 where Jesus talks about what we call the Beatitudes.


For each Beatitude create an action to show what they mean- you may want to do this on a cartoon strip or take a photo of you doing each of the actions!


The Beatitudes are below if you're unsure!