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Puzzle Day


We had a fabulous day with The Happy Puzzle Company. 

Adele came in to teach us all about teamwork, cooperation and preserving when things get tough. 

We had to work in groups to solve all of the puzzles she had. 

They started out quite easy but then got a lot trickier.

First we had to balance the penguins onto a wobbly iceberg.

We had a 2D picture and had to use blocks to make it into a 3D shape.

Then we had to put pieces of road together so that it was continuous - no dead ends or roads to nowhere!

We had a big jigsaw puzzle with no instructions! We had to work together to make all of the pieces fit.

We had lots of shapes and had first make 2 squares the same shape. After that we had to rearrange them to make one big square!

Back in the classroom we made our own board games to play in class together.

We all had an amazing day!