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The DABs talked to us on kindness day. We learnt that, like the squeezed toothpaste is hard to get back into the tube, unkind words are hard to take back. We should think before we speak.

11.10.19 - As part of OLSK Language Day we tasted a range of different Spanish food, including chorizo and a Spanish tortilla 🥖🥓🍅

11.10.29 - We have had a fantastic day celebrating OLSK Language Day! We learnt all about Spain and learnt how to greet each other in Spanish! A huge thank you to Brooke and Elliot’s mums for coming and sharing your traditions with us and bringing in lots of props and delicious Spanish food for us to taste! 🌍🇪🇸

30.9.19 - We’ve been learning all about which foods are healthy and which foods are not so healthy if we eat too much of them.