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PSHE- 01.02.21

Today's PSHE lesson is not live. Start of by researching what you think the word 'Resilience' means. Then read through the PowerPoints on Resilience and Growth Mindset. For your activity which is also one of our challenges for Children's Mental Health week, I would like you to make a leaflet called 'Resilient Me' giving people information on how to be more resilient and have a growth mindset. The PowerPoints have lots of information but if you would like to research these areas more to add extra detail you can smiley


Please upload this piece of work as I would like to choose some of your leaflets to go into our Looking After Your Mental Health area of the website to help others- so make sure you do your best work and presentation!



How to develop a positive mindset | Growth Mindset | BBC Teach

Meesha and Lucas are in a maths lesson.Meesha is happy to take on the challenges set by the teacher, but Lucas is more reluctant.Meesha has a growth mindset....

Don't forget to have a go at the challenges and activities in the Children's Mental Health Week area for this week smiley