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Working together to write our own definitions of friendship and exploring the traits of a caring friend

Today is kindness day, we each had a name of a someone in our class and wrote nice words and messages about them before sharing them with everyone.

This week is E-safety week. We were presented with some issues we may face online and discussed what we would do to solve them.

Today we explored the benefits of exercise on our bodies and minds

Today we discussed the importance of medicine and how to use it responsibly. We role played different scenarios and thought about the effect of our actions.

For UK Parliament week, we discussed how debates occur within the Houses of Parliament. We had our own class debate arguing for and against wearing school uniform to school.

Today we explored how to have good oral hygiene and what happens if we don’t look after our teeth. We watched how Dr. Rabbit and the tooth defenders kept tooth city safe from the plaque monster.

We revised our knowledge of the PANTS rule and how to keep ourselves safe

Our Warburtons visit thinking about healthy food