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Physical Development

Forest School is a great opportunity to develop our running, climbing and social skills. We engage all our senses whilst learning outdoors, it is great fun.

Look at some of the ways we develop our fine motor skills in Pre School..........

During our P.E sessions we have been developing our team work skills, we worked as two teams to race and collect as many bean bags as possible, remembering to high five 🖐 the next person to tell them it’s their turn. This week we played an ‘ice vs fire’ game whereby the children who were ‘fire’ 🔥had to melt the ‘frozen’ ❄️ children who had been caught with the ice cone!

We followed the story of the ‘Three Little Pigs’ during our cosmic yoga session. We were able to follow the different moves and stretches to represent the different characters throughout the story 🐷🐷🐷🐺

The children enjoyed the challenge of the large apparatus during PE. They explored different ways of travelling and were keen to share them with their friends. They remembered how to jump and land safely.

We spent the morning on the “ Huge Fields”because we know it’s important to be Active as it’s one of our steps to Well Being! We LOVED 🥰 it.

Exploring the Adventure Playground gives us the opportunity to develop our Gross Motor Skills- which is key to our overall development.