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Palaeontology Day



Palaeontology day with Miss Marshall & Mrs Morris

Miss Marshall and Mrs Morris came into our class to lead a palaeontology day as part of our Science topic on rocks and soils.

We crammed so much learning into one day and we found out so much about rocks and fossils!

We learnt about the 3 different types of rock, sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic and how they were made.

We looked at some real life fossils and talked about their features.

We found out about how much pressure fossils could stand by standing on eggs!! They were pressed down but didn't break just like fossils would be in the sedimentary rock.

We used the iPads to find out what ammonites and trilobites looked like when they were alive and drew some pictures in our books.

We had a tray of gravel and rock and we used paintbrushes to find some fossils in it just like real palaeontologists would do!

We pushed fossils into play dough and then filled the imprint with Plaster of Paris to make our own fossils!

We brought our own fossils in the share with the class.