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Our trip to the Synagogue

Our trip to Singers Hill Synagogue

During multicultural week we were investigating Judaism.  We learnt about the different celebrations like Hanukah and important things about the Jewish faith like visiting the synagogue and celebrating Shabbat each week. 

We met Natali who was our guide and a member of the synagogue.  She taught us so much about Judaism. 

It was a great trip!

We went into the meeting room to find some Jewish symbols. Which can you see?

We waited in the beautiful lobby then lined up in girls and boys lines to go into the synagogue separately

We gasped at our first view of the magnificent synagogue behind the doors. The boys put on a kippah and we went investigating to see if we could find any more Jewish symbols.

Natali took us up to the Ark and showed us the amazing Torah scrolls in their covers behind the curtain.

Natali took us up to the balcony. When the synagogue was really busy the women used to sit up here. Now it's not as busy the congregation don't use it anymore. It was lovely to look down at the synagogue.