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Established by Sir Peter Ogden in 1999, The Ogden Trust is a charitable trust that exists to promote the teaching and learning of physics. They do this by enabling innovative physics teaching to take place in, and collaboratively between, schools, often forging links to universities and other organisations.


They address the shortage of physics teachers in the UK by funding programmes that encourage young graduates to go into teaching and by supporting teacher professional development in an effort to enhance retention.


'Physics as a subject has a huge importance in the world today and we must ensure that access to good quality physics education is about the ability to learn and not the ability to pay.'

Cameron Ogden, Chair of The Ogden Trust



At OLSK we work closely with Ogden Trust and often host CPD sessions in our own Phiz Lab.  We were one of the first schools in the West Midlands to set this up and it has been a beacon of learning for other schools to visit.


Phiz Labs

The Ogden Trust recognises the positive impact of a dedicated science teaching space within a primary school on pupils, staff and the wider community. As such, each primary partnership has the opportunity to open a Phiz Lab, creating an environment to support teachers and engage pupils.


Our Phiz Lab:

  • is a dedicated science teaching space, with no change of use or removal of equipment or storage, for five years from the point of completion
  • is a shared resource for use by each school in the partnership including (but not limited to) science lessons; science meetings; CPD training; enrichment activities; science community events
  • promotes collaborative teaching and learning across the partnership
  • retains a ‘visual presence’ on the school website, newsletters and relevant media
  • is well-maintained
  • leader provides annual feedback to the primary partnership lead.


Our Phiz Lab environment supports and encourages well-resourced science lessons, outreach and enrichment events, science meetings and CPD. It supports the teaching of physics and encourages students to develop a physics identity through hands-on practical science investigations; two key objectives of the Ogden Trust’s mission.

OLSK Partnership meeting Halesowen and Dudley