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For my money Week, we had a budget of £100 and had to decide what we wanted to spend it on. We had a choice of essential items and luxury items and had to make sensible decisions on how to spend our money. Most of us finished with money left for our savings!

Using our knowledge of angles and degrees in a turn to navigate around the playground


Today we made 3D shapes and described their properties including faces, edges and vertices

Today in maths we tested our partners by describing the features of 2D shapes for them to draw. We took it in turns and also labelled the shape names, if they were polygons or not and the amount of sides, vertices and right angles they had.

Today we created pictograms using purple mash

dividing in maths today

Applying our multiplication knowledge to practical activities

Problem solving

Weekly problem solving- adding and subtracting 100’s to 3 digit numbers

Apply our learning to reasoning questions