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New Intake Information for Parents (YR Class 2020-21)

       Welcome to Reception Class (2020-2021)


Dear Parents,

We are delighted to welcome you and your child to Reception Class at Our Lady and St Kenelm’s. We hope the information below will answer most questions, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information. During these strange times, we have changed the transition into Reception to ensure all children settle into their new life at OLSK smoothly. Thank you for your patience and I look forward to meeting you all very soon.  




Thursday 3rd - Friday 4th September  

You and your child will attend informal meetings with the EYFS team, this will be a great chance to explore their new classroom environment and meet the staff. Details about your meeting has been sent through the post. 


Monday 7th September 
You and your child have been invited to an intake meeting. During which you will meet more members of staff your child will be working with, you will have chance to talk to outside agencies that work with school, such as RB sports, dancers, school nurse etc and you will receive your welcome pack. Whilst you’re busy in the hall, your child will be in the classroom with their new classmates and the EYFS team. This meeting will last for approximately 1 hour. 


Tuesday 8th - Wednesday 9th September 

The children will start school but only for half a day, 15 children will attend the morning session and 15 children will attend the afternoon session. 


 If you have been invited to the 9.15am meeting on Monday 7th September, your child will be attending the morning session on these days. (8.45-11.45) 


If you have been invited to the 2pm meeting on Monday 7th September, your child will be attending the afternoon session on these days. (12.30-15.20) 


Thursday 10th -Friday 11th September  

All the children in Reception class will come in for the morning session. (8:45-11.45) 


Monday 14th - Tuesday 15th September 

All the children in Reception class will come in for the morning session and stay for lunch. (8.45-12.30) 


Wednesday 16th September  

All the children in Reception class will be in class full time. (8.45-3.30) 



Bags: We suggest that your child has a book bag. Although they will not be getting reading books straight away, it helps the children to get into a routine and is also a place to put letters and correspondence between home and school. They can bring another small snack bag for their drink. We ask that drinks do not go in book bags, in case of leaks. 


Drinks: We advise that your child brings a labelled water bottle every day, which they will be able to access throughout the school day. (Please ensure they are labelled as we do end up with unclaimed, unlabelled bottles) This bottle can be filled with water or if your child won’t drink water, they can have very diluted squash. No fizzy drinks or juices please.  


Snacks: You can send in a healthy snack each day, however the children are given fruit twice a day at school. 


PE kit: On our whole school PE days, children will come into school wearing their PE kit. After Christmas we will start to get changed for PE and will require their kit in a bag. You will be informed about this closer to the time. 


Name labels: Please ensure that all your child’s clothes and belongings are labelled.  




All your children will be at different stages in their development and I would like to stress that there is not a one-size-fits-all model of school readiness. Here are a few suggestions of how you can support your child in their preparations for school. 


  • Encourage independence: We work with the children to dress independently (although we know that buttons are very tricky), to put their own things away, to look after their belongings, to do up their own coat, to use a knife and fork etc… so consider any ways you can support your child to do things for themselves in preparation for September. In particular, that they are confident using the toilet independently. 


  • Encourage them to recognise, read and write their name: Your child might already be able to read their name and be ready to write it so you could practise this over the holiday. (Not in capital letters please, except the first letter, of course) 


  • Encourage them to cut with child scissors: Any activities that support your child’s hand-eye coordination are useful preparation, such as cutting with scissors, threading beads, throwing and catching… 


  • Encourage them with counting: If your child enjoys reciting numbers, it might be the right time to encourage ‘touch counting’ where they point and count a set of objects. You can do this almost anywhere – on car journeys, while playing games… 


  • Encourage them to look at books and enjoy stories with you: Reading stories to your child is key to supporting your child’s language development and vocabulary. Attention and focus are important so it will help your child’s transition if they can sit and look at a book on their own or sit and listen to a whole story.  



Reading Books 

Your child will receive a reading book and reading record book at some point during the Autumn Term. Please be aware that we give the books out as and when we believe the children are ready. The reading record book is a great communication tool, so please fill it in each time you hear your child read. It only needs to be a short comment.  



The Reception class page on the school website will celebrate the children's learning with photographs. There will also be updates and information for parents on these pages so please check the Reception page regularly. 


Supporting learning at home 

As the children begin phonics sessions, there will be sound cards sent home so that the children can practise these at home. There will the opportunity to practise writing the sounds as well as suggestions of activities to support maths learning. The partnership between home and school is crucial during your child’s first year so we advise regular, short and fun learning opportunities at home to support your child’s learning and progress.  



We work as a team in EYFS and KS1 so your child may mention a number of different names. I’ve included a few below. 


Miss Mallin: Class teacher and EYFS Lead 

Mrs Ray: EYFS Teaching Assistant and Pre-school Manager 

Mrs Pugh: EYFS Teaching Assistant 
Miss Beasley: EYFS Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Taylor: YR dinner supervisor 


I hope this information has answered any questions that you might have.

Stay safe and I'll see you soon,   


Miss Mallin 

Our classroom environment!

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