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Monday 1st March

Maths Task

Watch the video below and then work through the powerpoint. There is a challenge at the end of the powerpoint if you feel like having a go! 


Then have a go at completing one of the worksheets. 

Comparing Length and Height


Today's sound in Miss Turner's phonics session is ur.

You will need the phonics speed sounds chart in front of your for this lesson and Wednesday's lesson (see attachment below).

Join in with the live lesson or watch the video below. Then complete the reading comprehension task. Children may need help with some of the reading but should try and answer the questions independently. 

UR sound

Reading Comprehension - There are 3 levels of reading comprehension to choose from below. Please try and choose the level that you think your child will most likely be able to read independently. 

Enquiry Based Learning

In today's EBL lesson we are going to be sharing our research about the Black Country. Join in with the live lesson and then complete the two tasks below. Don't forget to use the Key Vocab document to help you with your writing! 

Next week's research question is:

What makes Birmingham special?

Think about:

What was invented in Birmingham?

Places of interest to visit in Birmingham.

Famous people from Birmingham.