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Monday 18th January

9:15 Morning Task

Wake those brains up this morning with some Monday morning activities:


1. Can you spell the days of the week? Have a go and use the support below.

M _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ y

_ e _ _ _ _ _ _ _

T h _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ i _ _ _

S _ t _ _ _ _ _

S _ _ _ _ _



2. Now, practice your number bonds to 10. First say your number bonds to 10 out loud. Then, write each number sentence on some paper.

0 + 10    = 10

1 + …… = 10

Independent Phonics Activity

Today’s sound is ‘AY may I play?’


You have three tasks to complete for our phonics work today:

Task 1: Have a go at reading each word containing today’s sound on the PowerPoint.

Task 2: Complete the worksheet attached by practicing writing words containing the AY sound.  

Task 3: Write some sentences using words that contain the AY sound. Remember to always use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces in your sentences.


Before your start your worksheet, make sure you watch the video below to help you practice your ay sound:

Phonics: AY Sound/Words (Digraph)

Independent Maths Activity

Today’s learning is all about subtracting by jumping to 10 first. Last week you were subtracting by counting back on your number line, this week we are learning a new method. We will be jumping back to 10 first, and then counting back in ones to subtract the rest.


If you are unable to join today’s teams meeting, watch the video and then complete the worksheet. You can choose which worksheet to complete (1 is the easiest, 3 is more challenging). There is also a challenge to have a go once you are finished.

Subtraction Crossing Ten

Still image for this video