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Monday 11th January

Independent Phonics Task

Today's sound is 'AW yawn at dawn'. 

You have three tasks to complete today. 

Task 1 - Have a go at reading each word containing today's sound. 

Task 2 - Complete the worksheet attached by practicing writing the AW sound and writing the words containing the AW sound. 

Task 3 - Write some sentences using words that contain the AW sound. Don't forget to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces in your sentences. 


If you were unable to access the virtual lesson, take a look at the video below before completing the tasks. 

The AW Vowel

Independent Maths Task

Today's learning is all about using our number bonds to 10, to work out number bonds to 20 - very similar to Friday's lesson. If you are unable to join today's teams meeting, watch the video and then complete the worksheet. There is also a challenge to have a go at once you are finished. 

Number bonds to 10 and 20

Still image for this video

Science Independent Task

Click on the picture below to watch a video about the four seasons. (Please note - in the video the characters call Autumn 'Fall' so you may need to discuss with your child that this is the American word for the season). Children can then complete the Seasons worksheet below. They will need to draw a picture and write a sentence about each season.