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Are you going to join us for zoom cricket this morning? 9-9.30am

Meeting ID: 512 824 9024


We are doing bowling practice this week. 


  • A set of stumps/target to aim at (chair, gym box etc) ( I believe you will need all stumps you have available) Home learners can use a bin, cushion or chair.
  • 6 cones or a t-shirt/tea towel can be used for home learners.
  • A ball to bowl at the target (tennis or sponge would be ideal) and a pair of socks for home learners if they don’t have a ball.

Maths -(Live)


Can I find the cost of more than one item and work out change?


In this lesson, we will continue to practise our 'mental strategy' for working out change by counting on to the next tens number (counting in 1's) and then to the next pound (counting in 10's). We will use a number line to show our thinking process.



Click the links below to have a go at these fun games!


Coin cruncher | Students | MoneySense (


The change game | Students | MoneySense (

Literacy (Live)

SPaG Focus today: using 'a' or 'an' correctly



Greater Depth

RE (Live)

In today's lesson we wil recap what we learned about the Liturgy of the Word last week and focus on The Gospel. There is a sheet below which you can either print or use to write your answers in your exercise book. In class we will be writing our answers in our exercise book.



Dear Parents


Here is the fourth of a weekly set of music sessions for your child to watch and join in, created last term by some of the teachers at Dudley Performing Arts. Simply click on the link to join in and pause or rewind as you wish.

Each session covers different aspects of the music curriculum including body percussion, a rap and listening to musicians play to name a few. You can even join in if you like!

DPATV week 4 Key Stage 2