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Active Start:

Here is the link to Joe Wick's youtube channel, if you want to have a go at this at 9am.


Can I multiply 2-digits by 1 digit ?

Still image for this video

This is a practical activity and the children will need to use equipment to support their learning.

Children in school will be using Base 10 - but at home, you could use chocolate fingers or lego strips to represent 'tens' and small beads or Tic Tac sweets to represent 'ones.'


Coins - 10p coins and 1p coins can be used as well.

Independent Work:

You do not need to print the worksheet. Record your written work in the exercise book provided.


Questions 1-6 for all pupils.


There is also an optional True or False Question - you must explain your reasoning.


We are beginning a Talk for Writing unit today, called The Stone Trolls.


The beginning of this lesson will be live. 


The spellings session for today's lesson in on the ppt below.


Your independent activities today:

To read the story (there is also an audio version available to click on when you open the booklet) and complete the Word Meaning activity on Page 6.

There is a greater depth dictionary definition sheet to have a go at too. Remember, you don't need to print the sheet. Just write the word, word type and definition in your exercise book. Aim to do 5 words - but you can do more!


Today's lesson is all about our favourite Bible Stories. We will thinking about the main message in our favourite story. You can join us live on TEAMS for this lesson. 


Independent Tasks:

1. Choose your favourite Bible Story

2. Write a Story review - with a focus on the message in the story. In class we will be using the Bibles to read our story first. You can use an online Bible. If you havent got access to a BIble, why dont you write about the story of Zaccheaus. We know that one really well from all our Reconciliation work.

There is a sheet attached you can use for your review, but you dont have to print it off. You can just write all your answers in your exercise book.

3. Reflect and Respond Question - write your answer in your exercise book. Remember there is no right or wrong to this. Just make sure your answer is more than 1 sentence please.

4. If you want to, you can draw and colour a picture of your favourite story.


Extra Activity Ideas

As this story is all about listening, you might want to try this extra activity at home with your families. 

Listen and draw Activity for two people.

One of you describes a picture you are looking at. Try and share as many details as possible while your partner listens . Then ask them to draw the picture as you described it.