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Today we have...

  • Maths
  • RWI
  • Reading Time
  • RE
  • ICT



Today is our geometry assessment. Have a go if you can.

When we finish we are going to have a go at the four in a row game (Dice or a way to generate numbers to 6 needed)



Have a go at this game below - challenge yourself to go up to Phase 5 sounds


Buried Treasure

Then use the time today to have a look at some revision for your Phonics Screening. Today we are going to have a go with our partner at seeing how many of these real and alien words we can read. Have a go! But don't worry if you can't read them all yet. That's what all our practice time is for!


Read the powerpoint and then have a go at drawing your own picture of Joseph being visited by an Angel and complete the sentences on the sheet or on a piece of paper.