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Medium Term Plans

Enquiry Based Learning


At OLSK, we have developed our own curriculum which involves the children in their learning, based on their own enquiries around topics we provide for them. Where possible, the children in Reception will be given the opportunity to tell us what they would like to learn and what they would like to find out about during different topics.

The topics for the academic year have been chosen, however these may change due to the children's interests. If you have any resources at home or can offer any further ideas and information about each topic, please add it to the suggestions box at the bottoms of the page.

Thank you, Miss Mallin

Autumn 1: Who do I belong to?

Autumn 2: What do we celebrate?

Spring 1: What do astronauts eat?

Spring 2: Who lives in the deep dark wood?

Summer 1: Why have Zebra's got stripes?
Summer 2: Can I live underwater?

Parent's Topic Suggestion Box

If you have any resources, ideas or information to enhance learning through the different topics please share!