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Exploring the structure of letters by putting a chopped up letter back into order

Telling each other about the books we’re reading!

Looking through newspaper articles to find the 5W’s

Looking at adverts for the Titanic from 1912 for inspiration!

Exploring modal verbs!

Peer editing and reviewing each other’s work

Researching Neil Armstrong ready for writing a biography!

Today we finished off our letters to the children in Rwanda, we can’t wait to send them off and receive some responses!

What an amazing photo! Today we wrote a description of space as if we were Felix Baumgartner ready to make our skydive from space!

Paul from Mary Stevens Hospice did lots of fun speaking and listening activities with us, we had to listen carefully to others and explain ourselves clearly!

This term we are reading 'Cosmic!' by Frank Cottrell-Boyce to help us with our space topic! Make sure you check out some of the other books that he has written!